So, according to the texas mile 200+ club member list, exactly one dodge charger has broken 200mph in that event.


I’d like to make it two.


current mod list is woefully short:
full Borla exhaust
unidentified cam (previous owner)
Arrington Performance 90mm throttlebody
Arrington Performance CF intake (which I plan to replace with my LMI as soon as I can)
unknown previous tune


My plans are as follows:


Weight reduction:
Polycarbonate rear window
Polycarbonate rear passenger windows
stripped interior
remove sound deadner wherever possible
lightweight front & rear bumper supports from razors edge
lightweight k-member and trans crossmember (my stock k-member is damaged from the previous owner)
lightweight front seats
remove rear seat
lightweight battery
radio delete (all 9lbs of it, not even kidding!)


install aluminum rear firewall (provided by High Horse Performance)
8+ point  roll cage
battery disconnect?
front splitter
driveshaft loop
Tow hook


procharged and nitrous injected 426 hemi
Thitek heads?
new 8 speed automatic


subframe connectors
fore & aft strut tower braces
polyurethane sway bar & control arm bushings
coilovers front and rear


Obviously I need to save money where I can, shave weight where I can, and make as much power as possible.

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