Sunday Morning Strip Down!

I’m trying not to spend a bunch of money on the car right now while the rest of my financial life stabilizes, so what’s the cheapest way to add power? REMOVE WEIGHT!

My previous charger was an ex-police car with the 5.7, and I was able to shed quite a bit by stripping down the trunk. My srt8 is lacking the full size spare and massive iron mounts that go along with it, but there are still savings to be had.


I ended up pulling the sound deadening panel from under the package shelf (3 lbs) , over both wheel wells (3lbs each), and the rear panel over the trunk latch (1lb).  I also had 2 bottles of gear oil weighing in at 2lbs each.


A little bit of cleaning was needed under all the panels:

Tidied up nicely I think:


I left the divider panel in place for streetability. It probably weighs 5-8lbs on its own, but being able to fully use the trunk space and still have my tub filled with tools, first aid, parts, and the fire extinguisher. All told, I shaved 14lbs plus a bunch of random junk.


All done:

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