Rear Seat belt Removal

First things first, big shout out to Kobalt Tools and Snap-on, without whom I would have probably gone insane.

I Finally got my package shelf cover off earlier, leaving me with the need to either remove my center seat belt, or cut apart the cover to get it off. Since I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my RPM Aluminum Rear Firewall from High Horse Performance, I figured a few seat belt deletes were in order.


As you can see in the picture above, I was able to get the drivers side off easily with the Torx bits I bought earlier from Lowes. I ended up running into the garage and grabbing my Snap-on ratchet to break them free more easily, as it’s a fair amount bigger than the Kobalts I have. Rinse and repeat 5 more times, and boom, all seat belts removed, rear package shelf cover too.


Shaved 11.7 pounds off the car just between the seatbelts and the package shelf cover.


Not to mention, the half a pound of hardware.

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