Sunday Morning Stripdown Continues!

Look at that smile!

One gallon of water weighs roughly 8 to 8 and a half pounds (give or take a bit depending on temperature etc etc). Given that my windshield washer sprayers have been non-functional for as long as I have owned my SRT-8, I figured it was time to remove that weight from my car. As luck would have it, the reservoir (and associated pump and sensors) are located up on the passenger side right behind the bumper (in front of the wheel). That means that not only am I shaving 10 lbs off the car, I’m shaving 10lbs off the FRONT of the car. This is the most difficult location to easily, cheaply, and conveniently shed weight on a car that you still intend to daily drive.


I pulled off the front bumper to get proper access to it (and because I knew I needed to clean up the fog light wiring). Once the bumper was off, it was just a matter of emptying the fluid, removing the pump and sensor, and then removing the 3 bolts that held it in place.


While I was under there, I found this beautiful bit of work:


Those are BARE WIRE that were just flapping around behind the bumper, it was like that on both sides. I trimmed it up nice and tight and wrapped them up in electrical tape, since I have no plans to replace my foglights. On that note! Foglight housings, I went ahead and removed both of them. They didn’t add up to much weight, but every little bit helps!

All told, I removed about 10.1 pounds from the car just doing this little bit of work!


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