Been a busy couple of weeks 

I haven’t even installed my RPM Aluminum firewall from High Horse Performance yet!
Why is that? I was a little busy… BUYING A JEEP!

Why the hell did I buy a Jeep? Lots of reasons.

  1. Spare vehicle for longer projects, taking my srt8 off the road for a few days is now no problem.
  2. Hail hail hail! San Antonio seems to have a ‘hail season’ from March to April 2 years running. The Jeep is cheap and the only thing we are worried about on it is the glass.
  3. Towing, this is just a little inline six, but the factory tow rating is 5000lbs,that’s enough to tow srt4ghouls’ srt4 to and from the track if we wanted, and more than enough to tow an engine or frame.
  4. 4wd! Muddin’ here I come!

Srt4ghoul has been kind enough to do an oil change on it, and differential fluid and plugs will be happening next paycheck.

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