The Suspense Is Over!

I finally did it! After ordering my RPM Rollbars Aluminum Rear Firewall over 2 months ago, I finally made time for the installation today!


Gotta get access to everything first!
Big ass drill courtesy of Kobalt

First thing is to remove the rear seat. There’s probably a million tutorials on doing that, but the basics are yank the bottom portion up and off, unbolt the side bolsters, and then unbolt the upper portion (mine was in 2 parts, but from what I understand some of them are a single piece).

All done.

Next up is the mounting bracket. This is a nice piece that just sits on the mounting bolts for the upper portion of the rear seat:

View of the bracket from the passenger side

After that, just a quick couple of zip ties to tidy up the battery cable and make sure it wont rub against the aluminum (which would eventually cut through the insulation and cause a short, or worse, a fire).


And yes, I certainly trimmed those tails.

After that, it’s just a matter of lining up the aluminum firewall, drilling the holes, and snapping in the rivets.

All done!


After cruising around town for a bit today, the noise level is definitely increased over having soft seat parts back there, but chances are if you’re interested in installing this, you don’t care. So far, it’s a great piece, and I couldn’t be more pleased.


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RPM Rollbar Aluminum Rear Firewall

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