Dodge Demon and the Invalidation of Home Built Race Cars

The Dodge Demon was just given full release earlier this week, and it is indeed a monster straight out of hell. 808 horsepower on high octane pump gas, and over 840 on race fuel. Rumour has it that this car will come in around 85,000 dollars.


Now, the Demon should be incredibly fast, and is clearly purpose built for dominating the quarter mile. That being said, it’s not the first, and won’t be the last car built for quarter mile domination. Why would it invalidate home built race cars then? Well, for one thing, this car is street legal. Copo camaros and drag pak challengers are not. For about the same price as a drag pak challenger, I can have a street legal challenger that completes a quarter mile in just over 9 seconds.


My girlfriend brought up an excellent point though. I don’t have 85000 dollars. I’m not likely to have 85000 dollars any time soon, possibly ever. I do however, have that sweet money trickling in over the years that lets me pay down my loan and buy parts bit by bit. ­čśÇ

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