Sunday Morning Stripdown gets CRAZY

Now, my SRT8 is daily driven. I’ve already gone far beyond what most folks would do to a DD. I’ve removed speakers, stripped the trunk, and just a few weeks ago, I went so far as to remove the rear seat and replace it with an aluminum firewall from RPM Rollbars.

This is a whole new level though. Sunday morning I cut out the carpet from my car.

All of it.


Now, I’m sure a lot of folks who read this will be like ‘WHY WOULD YOU CUT IT OUT INSTEAD OF UNBOLTING THE SEATS!?’

Fair question. The answer is the SRS airbag system. I haven’t been able to find too many authoritative resources on it, but it seems like unbolting the seats trips the airbag system up, and it has to be reset by a dealer using a starscan tool. (Which I confirmed with my own experience in the R/T).

I have driven classics without carpet more than I have vehicles with carpet (hell, even my old R/T had vinyl courtesy of Waco PD), so not having carpet is not a problem for me at all. I’ve also kept my eyes peeled for standard problems, like excessive heat from the exhaust pipes etc. So far so good! The noise level is actually not much different. Much less significant than removing the rear seat or even stripping the trunk.

Along with the carpet, I removed the ducting for the AC vents, and the rear portion of the center console.

All told this shaved over 35lbs from my car. The effect is noticeable. And, in my opinion, looks great! 😀


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