Sunday Morning Stripdown – Birthday Edition

Welp, I already deleted the rear seat. The package shelf. Rear speakers. Even the rear seat belts. Guess what weighs 14 pounds and is sitting in my garage right now?

The rear door panels. Over 7 pounds each!

SRT4Ghoul helped me pull them off. Six screws each (4 on the bottom, 1 behind the door handle, 1 beneath the ‘oh shit’ handle) and a sundry of weird clips (push the centers in to release them). Then just pop the clips holding the door bar into the handle, and detach the connector for the rear window.


Be forewarned, This will prevent your rear windows from operating (even by the drivers switches) so make sure they’re rolled up before you do this! But like I told SRT4Ghoul, that just means The switch to polycarbonate will be even easier!

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