Nittos Installed!

So the rear tires have been swapped for Nitto NT555’s. After driving on them for several days, they are fantastic! I have not tried them out in the rain yet, but I have done some aggressive cornering and you really get some great grip and great road feel. One thing to note is that I did change tire sizes, I went from a 245/45/R20 to a 275/40/R20 (yes, you can plop 275’s at least on the rear, in stock form).

You can see the original tires here, versus the meaty Nittos at the bottom.

Old Firehawk GT

If you’re a big fan of smoking your tires, don’t get the Nittos. But like they say, ‘spinning ain’t winning’ so if you’ve been thinking about it, definitely hustle on down to your local tire shop and scoop ’em up.


That meaty Nitto!

Products Installed in this post:

Nitto NT555R’s

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