Birthday Tool Haul!

SRT4Ghoul always knows how to make me happy. For my birthday Sunday, she scooped me a whole mess of Kobalt tools. Now some folks may not be familiar with Kobalt, and be under the mistaken impression that they are not quality. Not only are they excellent quality, but they have a lifetime warranty, you just walk into Lowes and swap ’em out if they do break.


I got a jigsaw, a set of nut drivers, an awesome ez-adjust monkey wrench, and a full set of ratcheting wrenches (they’ve got a hell of a deal on those right now).

I went back later and scooped up a 3 piece set of Kobalt 90 TOOTH RATCHETS! Got the chance to put one of them to use on Monday night, and smooth is definitely the best way to describe the action on those, and not only do they have the locking ball bearing on the head, but they have an arm that pushes the socket off as the ball bearing is released. The new set of ratcheting wrenches will enable me to carry my old ratcheting wrenches in my sparco tool bag, giving me a lot more flexibility on the road when I need it.

I can’t wait to break them all in!

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