Weight Reduction Estimate is spot on!

I went to San Antonio Raceway last Saturday night. I was only able to get a few runs in, but most importantly, they have a scale. After getting beaten by Nasty Nate, I popped on to see what we were clocking in at. Weight with driver and 1/2 a tank of gas was 4177 lbs. When you subtract the overweight driver plus a few pounds for cameras helmet, and other equipment, it comes in at 3921lbs.

Nate has a badass car, it’s a second gen LX Charger R/T with a Procharger Supercharger bolted up. His setup last I checked, was making around 500 rwhp. I’m making 425rwhp. On my second run with the srt8, still taking it easy, I finished within a half second or so of him. His car weighs in at over 4500lbs (with driver). With some more practice, and some more weight reduction, I think I might be able to keep up.

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