Performance Distributors Sultans of Spark Coil Packs Ordered 

After doing some research a while back, I had decided not to bother with upgrading the coil packs. I spoke with someone who had a 900hp magnum running stock coil packs. If they did not need them, why would I?

I looked into the dyno results I could find, and results were mixed. One thing everyone agreed on was that the MSD coils are nothing more than stock replacement. This is no surprise, MSD does not advertise them as anything else.

What set my decision was an article from my favorite automotive source hotrod magazine! I found an older article where they bolted up the SOS coils onto an otherwise stock early 5.7 hemi. This netted them a whopping 11.2rwhp and 10ftlbs of torque!

I ordered up my Performance Distributors Sultans of Spark coils on Sunday night, and they should be here this weekend!

For 400 bucks shipped, this is a pretty worthy upgrade , especially if you are getting to the point where you are needing to replace your coils and spark plugs anyhow.

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