Braille Lightweight Battery Install Complete!

I have been sick as a dog these last few weeks and I have not been able to get anything much done as far as installs go. Yesterday afternoon I got started on pulling the old battery and tray, but due to the heat and my illness, I had to stop after unbolting the factory tray.
Upon unbolting the factory battery tray I realized that the rear fusebox is mounted directly to the battery tray.
Now I don’t fear much when it comes to cars, but I don’t like mucking with wiring. I opened the bottom of the fusebox and felt a big chill run down my spine.
Today, after pondering the situation for some time, I decided to mount my Braille battery mount to the stock battery tray….
That did not work either.
I gave up on getting it mounted. Srt4ghoul suggested that I look at where others have mounted them. I mentioned that I have seen it mounted outside the bathtub area and up on the vented wall. When we looked at it though, the battery cable would not be long enough. Srt4ghoul checked and confirmed we can mount the battery sideways without any problem.
Top view of the battery mount. For reference, the rear passenger wheel well is visible in the upper right corner of the frame.
After that it was just a matter of drilling into the sheet metal and mounting it up. I think it came out splendidly!
All Done! Note how the battery terminals are perfectly positioned to the reach of the positive cable…that was mostly by design.
The car started right up, and as an unexpected bonus my tpms system now works!
Parts used in this install:
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