Sultans of Spark Coil Packs Installed!

Had a little bit of time yesterday to get the new Performance Distributors – Sultans of Spark Coil Packs installed on my SRT-8 Charger! There is a full video below of the install process, but long story short, it should take you about 45 minutes under hood with just a couple of 10mm sockets to get this done. The coil packs are great quality, and they all fit perfectly, and came with new mounting hardware as well! Check out the video below for the full install process, and make sure you check out my previous article on these coil packs to understand just why you need them!


Don’t forget to disconnect the battery before starting this. In my case, the battery was already removed from the car.



Products installed in this post:

Performance Distributors SOS Hemi Coils

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