Big Day Is Coming!

I have been waiting for this all year….Not any sort of racing event, but a really great event for racers nonetheless.


Black Friday


Why is black Friday a big day for racers? As I’m fond of saying, building cars ain’t cheap. Any chance we get to stretch our money a little further without sacrificing quality, we should absolutely take. That’s why I’ve been saving up nearly since I bought this car for this Friday. Lots of speedshops offer significant price cuts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That means your 1000 dollars in car parts becomes 1200 dollars in car parts, without you spending a dime more. All it takes is a little (or in this case, a lot of) patience.

I’d like to specifically thank Speedlogix, who has been extremely helpful in getting my plan together, as well as keeping me appraised of their coming discounts as they roll out.

Keep your eyes peeled for new posts coming soon detailing all of my upgrades!

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