2017 In The Rearview: Hemis, Suspension, and the Foundation of a Racecar

Year one:

We’ve accomplished a lot this year. My first post on The worlds Fastest Hemi was exactly 1 year ago. I was proclaiming how I had gotten my lightweight front bumper support, tunnel brace, and hop-not strut for christmas from my girlfriend. I had not even had my srt-8 charger for 2 months at that point.


Almost every Sunday for the entire spring and summer I treated everyone to a ‘stripdown sunday‘ shaving weight from the interior of the car.


I launched my youtube channel, and began selling merch at teechip.


I got my first two sponsors, Mishimoto and Dagda Gaming.


I sprayed coolant everywhere. 🙁


I scooped up a 5.7 hemi for 100 dollars!


I got full new tubular and billet suspension from Speedlogix!


And I got one HELL of a deal on some coilovers!


Not too shabby for the first year with the car.

2018 and the future of the Worlds Fastest Hemi:


2018 is looking pretty promising. I’m kicking the year off with some revamped merch at teechip, and I’m hoping to add some custom bits to that as well. Over the next few months I should be getting most of my new suspension components installed, hopefully with videos to go with them. Once I get the suspension all done, I will be working on getting a tow vehicle (a viper powered Ram SRT-10!) as well as getting together my rollcage and lightweight seats. 

I’ll be heading out to Baton Rouge and New Orleans to watch the Modern Street Hemi Shootout Winter Open in February. There will be drag racing aplenty, and plenty of car shows too. With any luck I may be ready to run my car at the Texas Mile event next fall!

As 2018 falls behind us, I will hopefully be preparing to completely build the motor, and get the finishing touches on for a car that is deserving of this sites title.

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