Diablosport Trinity T2 Inbound!

I can’t tell you guys how excited I am about the new Diablosport Trinity T2! I saw the release video from Sema back in November, and I immediately posted my Diablosport Trinity T-100 for sale. Thanks to the folks at Speedlogix (AGAIN!) I got the new Trinity T2 at a hell of a steal. Diablosport just began shipping the Trinity T2 as of December 31st, so mine should be here shortly. Check out the teaser video below, and then review the more in-depth video from PRI 2017 to get a glimpse at some of the features that make it so desirable.



The more in-depth review on the Trinity T2 by Power Automedia at PRI 2017 is well worth the watch.


The main takeaway for me from the Power Automedia video on the Trinity T2 is the fact that you can set it to warn you when a measured parameter exceeds a certain value, and then once it passes a second threshold it will ‘ALERT’ you. They don’t go into detail on what the ‘ALERT’ takes the form of, but I would imagine at the very least, a giant flashing notification, and likely a sound as well. This is an EXCELLENT feature that can potentially save you (or me!) from catastrophic engine failure. I can’t wait to get my hands on my new Trinity and review its features and changes from the T-1000.

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