Too Late For Christmas

New store for wfh merch!

But everyone always appreciates a gift! I launched a new storefront over at teechip!


Check out my new store and scoop up a t-shirt or a hoodie!



I didn’t think it was possible either. I am 100% sick of seeing basic hoodies being sold for 40+ dollars just because they have some brand on them. I have two styles available. The first hoodie is a ‘simplified’ design that has the Worlds Fastest Hemi Logo on the front and is being sold for only 25 dollars. The second is a ‘premium’ design with the same front logo, but a larger WFH logo across the back. The ‘premium’ hoodie costs a little bit more to produce, hence the 5 dollar increase in cost.


I’m also working on getting some wristbands made to give away to folks as well. 🙂


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