Brake Rotor and Brake kit Badassery

2-piece lightweight rotors from Demon Performance for the Hellcat.
2-piece lightweight rotors from Demon Performance for the Hellcat.

As some of you may have noticed, I’m a LITTLE BIT interested in weight reduction. I saw that Demon Performance makes 2-piece rotors for my car that shave 16-17lbs off the front end as well as another 10 lbs out back. There’s also 2-piece rotor and brake kits from TCE. All of that sounds well and good, but I don’t know squat about advantages/disadvantages of different rotor styles. Not to mention there’s vane styles, drilled, and slotted rotor variations to consider.


Enter The Guidebook


This here article was fantastic at explaining the differences between 1 and 2 piece rotors, different vane styles and different slot designs. The main breakdowns are like this; 2-piece rotors offer you lighter weight, better heat dissipation, maximum performance, and resistance to warping/cracking during heavy use. Single piece rotors are heavier, have a cheaper upfront cost, and are typically 100% suitable for a car that sees only light track time.

Regarding vane styles, some are better than others, but generally speaking any modern 2-piece rotor is going to have a good vane design with great airflow.

It also covers why you don’t need drilled rotors anymore. It even goes so far as to explain (a little bit) about the differences between carbon carbon, carbon ceramic, cast iron rotors as well as the advantages each one offers.


Thats great and all, but what about MY car?

Well, we’ve got a couple of options for our fine fine Mopar monsters.


First on our list is TCE. TCE Does nothing but brake kits. By all accounts they do them quite well. They have drag kit offerings for Hellcats, SRT vehicles, as well as big brake kits for R/T trim vehicles from the 300 and Magnum all the way up the line. They even have kits for Ram 1500’s!


Second is Demon Performance out of North Carolina. While TCE is selling full kits, Demon Performance sells you 2-piece rotors to go with your stock SRT Brake packages. The obvious benefit here is the cost. Replacing the rotors alone is MUCH cheaper than replacing the whole kit and kaboodle. Demon Performance currently offers 2 piece kits for everything from the Dodge Demon to the Jeep Trackhawk.

SRT-8 Jeep rotors installed for a customer.
SRT-8 Jeep rotors installed for a customer.


Okay, but I’m not a crazy bastard like you, so what about MY car?

If you’re not doing a totally insane build, and are mostly looking for high-performance street brakes, I would recommend going with a high quality single piece rotor. The nice thing about keeping to a single piece rotor is the upfront cost. If you are not slaying your rotors on a regular basis, you can get solid performance (albeit without the weight savings) on all 4 corners for the cost of just a pair of 2-piece rotors. Lots of options for quality single piece rotors are available. For R/T owners, you could upgrade to the Police package brake kits, or up to the SRT-8 Brembo setup.

Links for high performance single piece rotor offerings:

DBA USA Brake Rotors

EBC Rotors

Speedlogix offers both 2-piece and single piece options

Sources and further reading:

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