Adding another SRT to the collection

2004 SRT-4, blue, rear passenger side quarter
Rear view of my Shiny new SRT-4.

So I have been contemplating different options for a daily driver while I get into the more advanced work on my car. A few weeks ago when srt4ghoul and I went to the modern street hemi shootout, we rented a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and she fell in love. She fell HARD. So she put her SRT-4 up for sale, and the rest as they say, is history. I scooped up the SRT-4 and will get the undeniable pleasure of driving it around and fixing it up.

As of right now the car is sitting on K-Sport coilovers, running the MPx Big Front Mount Intercooler, HKS blow off valve, ACT HDSS Clutch, lightweight flywheel, MPx catch can, forged clutch pivot fork, Diablosport tuner, and of course, a Mishimoto aluminum radiator.

Soon to be added to the list are: Nitrous Oxide Systems Intercooler Spraybar kit, MPx 3 inch exhaust, and AFE cold air intake. Still looking to see what the best options are to get to the power goals I have, but it sounds like a big turbo is probably going to have to go in. Can’t say I’m horribly upset at THAT idea.

I think the target will be maybe mid-300’s for hp and otherwise just make it a nice handling/looking car for driving around. I’d like to get it fully restored (particularly in terms of body and paint) and maybe do some shows with it.

All of that being said, none of this will be done to the detriment of my main goal, but only in concert with it. The charger is the focus, and 200 MPH in the Texas Mile is the Goal.

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