Kerdogs Hemi Ram: Bolting On Glory

Hemi Ram In your Face
Mean Muggin all day.

My buddy Kerdog has a sweet hemi ram 1500, it’s pretty much stock, other than being blacked out head to toe, and its primary function is a daily driver and towing machine. Obviously with a towing vehicle, we don’t want to do anything to impact the reliability and towing capabilities, but that’s no reason not to have some fun!

After seeing my post about my sultans of spark coil packs,¬†Kerdog had to have some. So we’ll be installing those, new NGK plugs to go under the coil packs, along with a Diablosport Reaper kit, which includes the Air Jammer Cold Air Intake and inTune i3 tuner.

Stock Hemi Ram Airbox
That K&N Filter just aint cuttin it!

Kerdog came by on a balmy Sunday morning in March with a handful of parts and we immediately got started tearing into the truck.

Man staring into the abyss of a ram 1500 engine bay

Contemplating the first moves….You’l notice my baby in the background there…and the neighbors windstar (Note the disconnected battery; Safety First!).First things first, we need to gap the new spark plugs. Since we are using Sultans of spark coil packs which run at 40,000 volts, we are going for a wider-than-stock gap of 0.50. This will ensure that while we get better burn, it is without any real risk of misfire due to over gapping.

To get to the plugs and coil packs, we’ll be removing the stock airbox and engine cover. Make sure to cover the throttlebody when you remove the airbox. We’ll also be disconnecting the battery, so there is no risk of shorts or shocks.

I had read a few rundowns of changing the plugs on Hemi Ram’s, and I had heard that getting the drivers side rear plugs out was akin to fighting a giant group of ninjas dressed in black in a cave at night with no weapons.

They weren’t wrong at all.

Being the asshole that I am, we started with those rear plugs on the drivers side. The problem is not so much getting a tool in there, as getting your tools back out. The firewall comes up and out just above the plug holes, and then the brake booster is also mounted up in the same area. We spent a solid 2.5 hours fighting with the 4 plugs and 2 coil packs right back there. I performed all sorts of yoga and spider-man-esque balancing on the engine bay and drivers side fender that ended up leaving me sore for days.

You can hear our totally-not-exhausted shouts of triumph in Kerdogs video below.


Once that was done, everything else was pretty easy to zip right through. We ended up holding off on the CAI for a day or so while waiting on the instructions from Diablosport. But even without the CAI, that hemi ram pickup really came alive.

Between the tune, new plugs, and coil packs, I’m guessing it picked up quite a bit. The difference while driving was immediately noticeable.

Kerdog got the Jammer CAI installed on Monday. If you need them, you can get the instructions for the Jammer CAI here (PDF warning).

Jammer CAI Ram 1500

Looks good, but runs even better.

Jammer CAI Ram 1500
Jammer CAI Ram 1500

While Kerdogs Truck may not be the fastest Ram 1500 out there, it’s certainly flying a lot faster now. We’ll get to see more of it soon, as Kerdog will be heading to the drag strip to try it out and see just how fast it really is soon.

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