1 Run And Done – WFH Hits The Drag Strip!

So I was finally able to get out to the drag strip back in April. Unfortunately, due to how busy it was and some issues at the track, I was only able to get one run in.

This is only my second time getting this car out to the drag strip, and my fourth run total with it. My previous best run with this car was a somewhat dismal 13.78 seconds at 98 mph. Not exactly the worlds fastest hemi.

This time, despite only getting in a single run, I shaved over a half second from my total time, clocking 13.16 at 109.78 MPH. Definitely not mind-blowing times or anything, but for the little amount of money invested so far, and my relative inexperience, I was very pleased with the improvement. The car still has plenty left to give so¬† I fully expect to break into the 12’s soon, hopefully on my next run.

The more you practice, the better you get, and right now, I am definitely the weak link. Can’t wait to see what the car is really capable of.

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