Legmaker Cold Air Intake: More than 15 minute install guide

If you’ve paid close attention since THE GOOD OLE DAYS, you’ll know that I used to have  a Charger R/T, and one of my favourite things I did to it was installing my carbon fiber Legmaker Cold Air Intake. Since you pay CLOSE attention, you’ll know that I have NOT installed this intake on my SRT-8. Instead I’ve been running with the Arrington Carbon Fiber Intake pictured below:


Dodge charger srt-8 engine bay with strut tower brace installed
Arrington Carbon Fiber Cold air Intake pictured here.

As you can see, it has no heat shield and nothing to protect it from drawing in hot engine air (this is due to the prior heat shield being damaged, NOT an oversight by Arrington). That being said, I kept it in place for two reasons: 1) I did not have the necessary 90mm tb coupler from LMI 2) I was daily driving this car, and I needed the protection from water this has versus the LMI.

Since I am no longer daily driving this car, I can simply choose not to drive it on days when it is raining. Additionally, I recently obtained the lower splash shield that should have been on this car to begin with.

Now that all the preamble is over, here’s the good stuff!

Start by taking off your factory (or in my case aftermarket) air intake. Please be ESPECIALLY careful with the IAT sensor. You DO NOT want to have to replace it. It is how your car determines the air temperature, and therefore density, meaning you should not drive the car (if you even can) if it is damaged.

Next go to the garage, grab your trusty 4.25 inch hole saw, and that scrap piece of wood that you’re using as a backer.

You can see the stock intake hole here in the fender, as well as the mounting tab off to the lower right. You will need to remove your stock intake to reveal this area.
You can see the stock intake hole here in the drivers side fender, as well as the mounting tab off to the lower right. You will need to remove your stock intake to reveal this area.


We need to enlarge the factory opening by a smidge to allow our big Legmaker True Cold Air Intake V2 system through. Now is where that piece of wood comes in handy. Position the wood under the hole, and your holesaw above the fender. Use the normal drilling action to pull the wood against fender. This will put pressure on the holesaw to start actually cutting the hole into the fender. Keep going until it’s all the way through.

In my case, I actually had some trouble with my holesaw and trying to get this to happen. What I actually ended up doing is taking my car over to a trusted body shop, and letting them slice and dice on it.

Now you’re left with raw metal. That’s a problem. Grab your trusty spray paint, clear coat, or whatever suits your fancy. Touch that area up to keep it from rusting!

Your Legmaker Cold Air Intake should have come with some rubber trim to help keep the parts from getting rubbed against the steel of the fender. I didn’t have much luck with this, but ymmv. If you choose not to use it, be sure to keep an eye on the intake coupler where it goes through here, and replace as needed.

The first thing to do is assemble the bottom portion of the intake make sure to leave the hose clamps loose for now. This pretty much just means clamping the filter element onto the lower carbon fiber tube, which is the one with the gentle bend in it, rather than the 90 degree elbow of the upper tube.

This gets gently worked through the hole you just cut., which should look like this:

Our enlarged and painted hole.
Our enlarged and painted hole.

Slip the coupler onto the tube, and pop a worm clamp loosely (but not loose) around the bottom of the coupler to hold it in place. Pop the other t-bolt clamps on as well, these should be super-loose.

Next attach the coupler to the throttlebody. Once this is in place, you can slip the final T-clamp onto the throttlebody coupler.

After this, slip the upper carbon fiber tube into the throttlebody and lower silicone couplers. Adjust as needed, and tighten down the clamps until they are snug. Too tight and you will deform the carbon fiber over time.

Attach the extension onto the IAT harness, and pop it into place on the upper Intake tube.

Once everything is done and snug, go ahead and pop the breather filter onto the oil fill tube.

K&N Carbon Fiber Breather filter
K&N Carbon Fiber Breather filter

It should look like this:

Completed Legmaker True CAI V2 Install on a 6.1 hemi engine.
Completed Legmaker True CAI V2 Install.

Then hop in and HANG ON!

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