Laughing gas: Hemi Nitrous Install Pt. 1

So I wasn’t planning on doing nitrous on my hemi. But I wasn’t NOT planning on doing nitrous. Basically what happened was I had looked in to nitrous quite a bit last year, and I was on the verge of actually buying a kit, but then I decided not to. Nitrous doesn’t exactly fit into my long term goals for the car, but it does seem like a crapload of fun.

Why do I have nitrous now?

Well I found a hell of a deal on it over at One of the members there was selling a nearly complete plate kit (minus the plate, fuel rail adapter, and fuel line), with TWO bottles, bottle heater, etc etc for about 600 bucks. After I had expressed some interest, I got a message offering it for 600 shipped. That’s 2 nitrous bottles, shipped, plus all the rest of the goodies, for 600 bucks. I could not turn it down.

Part 1 of the nitrous kit
Part 1 of the nitrous kit
The second half of the kit. Note the bottle heater on the bottom.
The second half of the kit. Note the bottle heater on the bottom.

The order, and the other order, oh, and the other other order

The bottles and accessories came in two very well packed boxes, complete with foam to secure the bottles in place (I’d imagine shipping ran somewhere in the neighborhood of around 75 bucks). I took a quick inventory, and immediately reached out to the the folks over at Nitrous Outlet to help me complete the kit. Chris from Nitrous Outlet was extremely helpful and patient with me, responding to around 10 different emails from me, confirming parts and answering questions.

Knowing that nitrous uses AN fittings, so I went ahead and ordered an AN fitting/hose gauge from Summit Racing, as well as an excellent AN wrench set for the low price of about 65 dollars. With a few more tips from LXforums, I was able to determine (hopefully correctly!) that I have -4AN hose and fittings for the main line.



As I type this, I have about 700 dollars worth of goodies coming my way to complete the install. The goodies include the appropriate plate (90mm), hardline kit (from the solenoids to the plate), and the solenoid mounting bracket.

Safety features that are going in with this kit are as follows:

Safety is of the utmost importance. I know it sounds lame, but if something goes wrong, it’s better to have precautions in place to save your ass, than to hope that some deity or lucky accident will be there when needed.

Stay tuned to see the different aspects of the installation as well as any tips I come up with based on my experience building and installing this kit.

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