More stuff coming?


Why yes, yes there is. I have been alive these last few months. I know that there hasn’t been too much content up during this time, and I apologize, but that will probably not change for at least a few more weeks. In the interim, I have acquired a house (with a 3 car garage), a new set of jackstands with pads to support the charger, and oh yeah, a spare 6.1 block for right around 1000 bucks. 

I’m still getting my life-stuff squared away, but the new house will allow me to do a LOT more work on my own. I still need to do some research, but I may actually be going with a different setup for the charger than the blown 426 I had planned on. Will it still be fun? Is the goal still 200mph?

You bet your ass it is. 

While these changes may take a little bit more time in my garage than they would in a shop, the cost savings should be significant. 

Ideally, before Christmas, I should have the car on coilovers, all new (mostly billet and tubular) suspension, hooked on the bottle, and maybe, if my line pans out, hooked up with a big surprise. 

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