Breaking News! The 426 Hemi is coming back!

THIS just dropped a few hours ago from Dodge. There’s no mistaking it, there are too many hints, it’s the 426 Hemi coming back from the grave. 

Those are clearly elephant tracks that have put the flames out of the hellcat paw prints.
Those are clearly elephant tracks that have put the flames out of the hellcat paw prints.

How do we know? Well we’ve been hearing (or at least I have) rumors of the 426 coming back for a few years now, but we haven’t had any proof. Thankfully Dodge just dropped this tidbit a few hours ago, and it clearly indicates that an elephant is on the way. The elephant was the nickname of the old 426 Hemi because it was so massive.

*There was some incorrect information on this page pertaining to the old 426, that has been removed. Apologies. -Mike*

Watch the video below and you’ll see what I mean, not only do we get the hints of something ‘BIG’, the earth shattering steps, and the elephantine tracks, there’s also the B-body Charger, which was home to the 426 for some of its most famous accomplishments, and is easily the iconic pairing with the 426 Hemi. 

Now for the up/downside. The upside is, it’s going to be a Gen III crate motor. The downside is that it will not be in a production vehicle to buy right off the lot. That being said, you could probably take your current srt 392 in to a dodge dealership and drive out a few days later with a brand spankin new 426!

A few of you may remember that there was briefly a 426 hemi available from mopar a few years ago. That version made 590 horsepower, so I would expect even better numbers are possible from this latest iteration. 

UPDATE – 10/26/18

Video two has been released, which seems to confirm our conclusions from video one:

Video teaser number 2 from Dodge

Obviously the big thing this confirms is that those were indeed elephant tracks. Perhaps, given that they show the hellcat stomping in the first video, they intend to offer a supercharged and N/A version? Hopefully we have more teasers soon!

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