Stripdown Sunday Continues!

You didn’t think we were done did you? We’ve still got hundreds of pounds to shed from this car! 

Today was just a quick bit of work, something that had been bugging me for a while.  A loooooong time ago, I removed the radio from my car. I yanked the amp from the trunk, and I yanked the speakers from the package shelf in the rear of the car. But I didn’t pull the speakers from the front doors, probably cause I was afraid of damaging the door panels. But with some help from youtube I got past that and got at those front speakers.

Helpful video from Sonic Electronix!

Basically, you pop the pins, remove the screws from around the edge, and by the door handle and door pull. 

Once the door panel is off (or at least free enough to peel back and access the speakers) you will see there is the speaker, but also a speaker mount that surrouonds it. If you’re looking to save weight, you may as well remove that mount too. The speaker wire is connected via a standard connector, just push the clip and it will come free. 

close up on speaker grate showing reflection
This picture was taken while I was right on the speaker grill, you can see the reflection of my fist and cell phone in the glass  of the window. 

Pop the door panel back on, replace the pins and screws, and you’re all done! 20 minutes of work and your car is now 6 pounds lighter!

Right around 3lbs.
Right around 3lbs.
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