First Taste of Aero

So my car is about to get its first taste of aftermarket aero. I took advantage of anti-black-friday sale (15% off sitewide for all of November) and scooped their bumper support, ‘skid plate’, and rear diffuser.

Now if you’re an observant person, you’ll probably notice that the bumper support and skid plate are not on the aero portion of the site. While they may not have been intended as functional aero pieces, that is what they end up being. They will both serve to smooth out the underbody of the car, allowing for reduced drag and increasing velocity as the air heads towards the rear of the car. What’s going to be in the rear? A big beautiful stabilizing diffuser. 

The diffuser helps to accelerate the air out from under the rear of the car and reduce turbulence (drag) caused by air exiting from under the car. This is done by smoothing the integration of the air from under the car to the air coming off the top of the vehicle decklid. The pressure difference between the fast moving air under the vehicle and the slower air traveling over the vehicle generates an almost vacuum-like effect that results in downforce (or reverse lift, if you’re that guy), with almost no drag penalty, unlike a giant wing. 

A photo of an undoubtedly happy 3gcustomz customer ride.

All 3 of these pieces (hopefully combined with some additional goodies) will work together to help keep air moving the way we want, for maximum speed and minimal drag, while allowing for control of the vehicle at higher speeds.

Stay tuned for an installation guide for the rear diffuser!

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