Gear Review: Summit Racing Mopar Pit shoes

Mopar Pit Shoes as advertised on Summit

So I scooped these on a whim because I already have driving shoes from Akin, and Piloti. I had some extra money and a Summit Racing catalog, it could happen to anybody. That being said, I’m glad it happened to me. These are without a doubt my new favorite shoe, and not just because of the sweet Ma’ Mopar branding. Lets get into it.

My favourite! Tire tread soles!
My favourite! Tire tread soles!

First and foremost, they were reasonably priced at around 80 bucks from Summit. They are lightweight, comfortable, and as I found out thanks to a winter storm, pretty water resistant. I wouldn’t recommend going puddle jumping in them, but I was able to walk through a fair amount of standing water without them being soaked, which was nice. The blue isn’t necessarily for everybody, but I found it to be less obnoxious than I initially expected based on the magazine pictures. The heel is rounded, and includes some very necessary heel pulls for pulling the shoes on. Aside from being light, the sole is thin and responsive, and like the Akin Shift shoes I also reviewed, it has a tire-tread pattern on the bottom, which is just snazzy. These provide excellent feedback while driving, and they honestly made me want to push the jeep harder and faster than normal, because it felt so good wearing them.

So what’s bad about them? Well, the very worst thing is that they are not SFI rated. These are a casual driving shoe, not a race shoe. Aside from that, not much. They haven’t required much break-in, there’s no design flaws that have made themselves known, and they fit pretty true to size, I suppose I could complain about them not having half-sizes.

The mopar logo is flat on the side of the shoes, it is not embroidered or anything crazy like that.

All in all, these are probably going to replace even my fawningly reviewed Akins as my favorite driving shoe. If you’re looking for a daily driving shoe, I can’t recommend these highly enough. Just ensure you also have a pair of SFI certified race shoes in the race bag.

Speaking of bags, these came with this sweet Mopar OFFICIAL LICENSED PRODUCT bag.

UPDATE: Welp, it’s been a few weeks since I initially wrote this post and yeah, these are my go-to shoe now.

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