Getting Blown – pt 1

Well guys, I scooped a vortech supercharger kit for my car in an even trade for the SRT-4 I had. I had initially planned to use the SRT-4 for a daily driver type vehicle, but after srt4ghoul and I bought the new house, we both agreed it was a good idea to sell it. As fate would have it, I got offered a full vortech kit in exchange for the car, just by pure happenstance. I had (most of) a procharger kit laying around, but I was intrigued by the air to water intercooler, and delighted to see it was going to come with a full set of srt-4 stage 1 injectors.

I had a full set of these included in the trade for the vortech, not gonna cut it for e-85.

Back in January I gave Fuel Injection Specialties a call, and not only did they immediately know what I was talking about, but they filled me in on some of their experiences and what my options are. A couple days later, I headed down to the shop to get the ball rolling.

I spoke with Willy, who was exceptionally knowledgeable and immediately clamped down on my dreams of greatness. “You’re gonna need another pump and bigger injectors”, boy, those weren’t the words I was wanting to hear. From my talk with Willy I am going to need some 850-1000cc injectors in order to run e-85 in this car. As it sits right now, I’ll need to scoop those before I would really trust putting on the blower. It sounds like the stage 1 SRT-4 injectors I have are workable for a stock motor with a procharger/vortech, but I’ve already got the cam, full bolt-ons, 145,000 miles, and full exhaust. Last thing I would want to do is needlessly damage the motor and delay everything because of me being a tightwad on injectors.

I put feelers out trying to find a used set, but I’m not optimistic. Guess I’ll have to save a little longer.

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