Getting Blown – pt 2

WELL GUESS WHAT I FOUND? Not used 1000cc injectors for under 700 bucks, thats for sure. Instead i found some reconditioned ones for less than 400 bucks shipped from australia! Big shout out to the former penal colony now turned into the largest collection of man-hating creatures on the planet.

I took my new injectors in to Fuel Injection Specialties and got them flow tested. After a quick turnaround, I got a call with glorious news. They were in fact 1000cc injectors and they did not require cleaning. SCORE!

Isn’t it pretty?

So what else do I need? Well money for starters, that’s the real fuel that race cars run on. But more specifically, I need to score some walbro 455lph fuel pumps. It looks like they are sold from a walbro authorized seller at the very reasonable price of $135.00 WITH the install kit. Other sites either don’t include the install kit, or bump up the price on one (either the pump or the kit) to make a little green. Not hating, I know margins can be slim, but they’re slim for me too, so I’ll be placing my order for the cheaper ones.


Yes, this is just included inline. I could have deleted the above paragraph, but I feel like the link to the 450’s is worth keeping, as is the updated knowledge I am about to provide. Fuel Injection Specialties here in San Antonio has told me that while a dual 450 setup MIGHT work for my long term goals (around 1000hp crank), I could kick things off with a walbro 525lph pump that should cover me in the meantime until I am ready to add a second pump. If I were sticking with pump gas instead of e-85, then the two 450’s would be plenty to support my output, but the additional volumes of e-85 require additional pumping and injecting capacity.

In a great surprise, despite summit saying the pump was out of stock and wouldn’t ship until april, it was in stock and shipped immediately.

Walbro 525lph pump….as you can tell it looks…..completely the same as every other walbro fuel pump

This puts me on to my most unpleasant problem, my fore fuel hat got a little chewed up. Apparently the guy I got it from had his dog get after it a bit. I don’t think anything is beyond repair or anything like that, but it is daunting. I come from a long line of carb’d vehicles, where fuel pumps were something hanging off the side of the motor and you didn’t have to touch them 99% of the time.

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