A tale of being right

I was right. I have borne this out with my bbk fuel rails.

I love being right. I’m a bit of an arrogant jerk in a lot of ways, and being right about something butters my biscuit. In this case, I recently read a post on a forum regarding a vehicle with an upgraded fuel pump stumbling off idle. It turns out they were using stock fuel rails, naughty naughty.

They then decided to purchase fore innovations fuel rails. While undoubtedly a quality piece, they are quite expensive.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve seen that I have a fore innovations billet dual pump fuel hat, and that I have every plan to put it to use. But if you’ve been a long time follower, you’ll know that I picked up a used pair of BBK fuel rails last year for FIFTY BUCKS. Now while I love me some quality parts, the only real question here between the two is 1) the bbk includes a crossover at half the cost ($229 vs $426) 2) the fore innovations provides the option of dual crossovers for really serious builds, or space restrictions.

If this particular forum member had kept an eye out for fuel rails prior to being in desperate need of them, he may have been able to save hundreds of dollars with little effort expended. Do your research folks, and keep your eyes peeled for deals that will contribute to your build, even if you can’t use them immediately.

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