Happy Hemi Day Everyone!

It’s 4/26, so you know what that means! It’s better than easter, independence day, and your moms birthday combined, it’s HEMI DAY!

Actually this year it’s pretty good to be us. We’re number 2! We’re number 2! We’re number 2! Number 2 in what? Sales of american ‘muscle’ cars! The Dodge Challenger has officially knocked the Camaro on its ass, and it’s going hard after the Ford Mustang. (All this to say, the charger still outsells all 3 of those, probably because it is beautiful, practical, and awesome, not that I am biased.)

Excuse my screenshot

And on top of this, the new 426 Hemi HELLEPHANT is accepting preorders. With an msrp of just under 30,000 it’s definitely not cheap, but to be able to turn-key 1000 horsepower it was never going to be cheap. Go check it out at cratehemi.com

Finally, Hemi Day coincides with fluid check friday, if you follow me on instagram (@worldsfastesthemi) then you’ll know I’m a fan of what I call fluid check friday, which is essentially just a reminder to check your fluids in your car (especially if you have a high performance vehicle where they may wear prematurely) and keep everything clean and topped up.

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