A Sidebar: Jeep Grand Cherokee Eco-Diesel Oil Change

I decided to do this post because I wasn’t able to find a good solid reference when I did a little checking online. My Fiance owns a turbo-diesel (eco-diesel) jeep grand cherokee, which is used as our daily driver. If you’re not familiar, the diesel jgc is a 3.0 turbo diesel from vm motori. It’s paired against an 8 speed transmission, and makes 260 horsepower and a whopping 442 ftlbs of torque, hitting peak torque at a lowly 2200rpm, all while getting 30ish mpg. In short, it’s a great daily with plenty of power to get moving, and enough power to scare the shit out of most mustang owners. ūüėČ

So here we go.

You will need the following:

25mm socket (yeah, for real, a bigass 25mm socket) for the oil filter housing
13mm socket for the oil drain plug
8mm socket for the intake tube
straight/curvy/gently bent awl for adjusting the placement of the o-ring on the housing
8 quarts of 5w-40 oil
oil filter part number s11794x1

Start as you should all oil changes, make sure you have all your basic stuff, including a drain pan.

Remove the engine cover, locate the intake tube from the factory airbox, it should be secured by two hose-clamps. Grab your 8mm socket and loosen those up. Pull the intake tube off and it should expose the oil filter housing, there will still be a hose (around 1-2 inches in diameter) over top of the housing, but it can be easily moved around.

Next, pop the oil fill cap to ensure you won’t create a vacuum when you drain the oil. Get your drain pan in place and break out the 13mm socket to remove the drain plug.

Once the oil has drained out, use the 25mm socket (probably with an extension) and carefully remove the filter housing.
Use the product of millions of years of evolution and grasp the filter cartridge with your fingers and opposable thumb, discard it in accordance with your local laws.
Take your awl, and use it to lift the old o-ring, you can slide it around the housing to clear the o-ring from its groove. Throw the old o-ring away.
Add a little oil to the new o-ring, and slip it into the groove, you may need to use the awl to lift it into place.

Snap your new filter canister into the housing, it should snap in place and be able to freely rotate in place. screw the housing back onto the oil cooler from whence it came. Factory specs call for tightening it down to 25NM.

Crawl back under your fine-ass jeep and reinstall the drain plug. Fill the jeep with 8 (technically 8.14) quarts of oil and close up the fill cap. Reinstall your intake tube, and pop the engine cover back on. Make sure there are no leaks, and everything is buttoned up.

Reset the oil life timer by putting the jeep into ‘Run’ mode, then rapidly press the accelerator to the floor 3 times.

Then put it in sport mode and enjoy.

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