PSA: Braum Universal Harness Bar Does NOT Fit Our Cars

I can’t speak with absolute certainty for magnum/300/challenger owners, but given our similar dimensions I would bet that it will not fit. Specifically I am referring to the Braum BRHB-48RG universal harness bar. According to theory, it could’ve/should’ve, but the support bars are not long enough to hold the harnesses at the proper angle. I found this out the not-too-hard way, I spent money and tried it out.

I reached out to Braum, who regrettably does not make a longer support bar, and informed me that ‘Your vehicle application is not listed on our universal bars.’ Well, if my vehicle application had been listed somewhere then I would have bought that one, rather than the “universal” one. They suggested the option of fabricating support brackets, but I have declined to do so. When it comes to safety, you should really go for a direct fit whenever possible, and a custom fit when not. As this is a harness bar and NEEDS to be installed at the correct angle to function properly, and NEEDS to be able to survive a crash, I don’t think calling for custom fabrication on a 200 dollar temporary part is the way to go. Looks like the roll cage will come sooner than expected.

Incidentally, I have a braum universal harness bar for sale if anyone wants one.

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