Another Delay, Sorry Not Sorry

I delayed things a little longer. I spent some of my build fund on something that won’t make my car any faster at all.

Sublime green kobalt toolbox
It’s pretty decently big

This big (sub)lime green toolbox has taken the place of three other toolboxes, freeing up some valuable garage space, as well as simplifying my tool-finding process. I hadn’t been planning to purchase this tool box, but I had been eyeing some similar ones for quite some time. I knew that I needed bigger and better tool storage, but there was never a time where it felt like a good idea to go drop 1000 dollars (or close to it) on a big tool box.

screwdrivers in tool box
Screwdrivers galore!

What ended up happening was on Monday, I went to lowes for some air filters, and lo and behold, I saw one of these toolboxes sitting in the clearance area for just under 500 dollars. Finding a solid steel, ball-bearing, locking, 15 drawer tool chest is no easy feat at that price. Sweetening it up was that it comes with pre-cut, pre-installed drawer liners on every drawer, as well as the top cabinet. Add in the fact that I didn’t have to lift a finger to get it loaded into the trailer, and got my soon-to-be brother-in-law to help me unload and assemble it, and it was an extremely painless process.

Nonstandard socket types
all of my ‘weird’ sockets go in here. Torx bits, allen key, universal, open-center, etc.

I moved in pretty much all of my tools, including all of my impact sockets/extensions, and my massive torque wrenches that were too large to fit in any of the other pictured boxes. The only thing that didn’t make it in here was the large mechanics tool set from Kobalt, which lives in its own box under the work bench (not pictured).

My ‘electrical’ drawer. Pretty much all the tools (wire strippers, crimpers etc) are in the klein tools bag (maybe 10 bucks at lowes), with all the supplies in the drawer.
Assorted Automotive hardware, rivet and staple gun are also in there.

While this toolbox won’t make the car any faster, it will eliminate a lot of frustration and confusion, particularly from the people who help me out when I’m working on the car. Now everything is in a centralized, organized (and movable!) location. If you’re in a good spot right now and can swing it, I have to say, I highly recommend picking up one of these tool chests. Everything has been top quality, no compromises, and unbeatable for the price.

tool box with several more toolboxes
1, 2, 3! All were emptied and went into the Kobalt.

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