This Might be a First at WFH

Sometimes, you’re just bumming around on the internet, and you come across something pretty great. I found this article that sums up my feelings about ‘engine covers’ pretty damn well. So well in fact, that this whole post is inspired by theirs. I don’t think I’ve ever written about someone else writing like this on this site. Before I send you along however, you should know a few things from my side. Firstly, I hate engine covers, I have yet to see a valid purpose presented for them. Secondly, neither of my vehicles carries their engine covers, they were removed and placed in the garage for uh, safekeeping. At some point I might get around to hanging them on a wall. Finally, I really just hate them, they hold in heat, add extra weight (yes, a raindrop in a hurricane, I know), and try to keep me from hearing my engine.

Thankfully, Nitto has a nice writeup on why they hate them too. Being vehicle agnostic, they’ve got pictures of all the way uglier ones on the imports out there! Dodge didn’t even make the cut!

Go take a look!

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