Weight Reduction Log

Lets not kid ourselves, these Mopars are beefy cars, but folks like Jeff (Driver of the Red Baron charger) have gotten their chargers all the way down to 3200 lbs or so. I probably wont get quite that low, but I’m hoping for 3500. This is my log of takeoffs. Weight reduction is a quick and easy way to improve the performance of any car. Some changes have more impact than others, both on comfort and performance. Check out my youtube channel for some insight on how the car looks with all these changes!

A stock 2007 SRT-8 should weigh in the neighborhood of 4122 lbs (according to NADA)

Sun Jan 15 2017

Trunk liner (4 pieces) 10 lbs

Mon Jan 16 2017

Kicker subwoofer amp 1.5 lbs

Tues Jan 17 2017

6.1 half motor covers 1.5 lbs

Thurs Jan 19 2017

Lower C-pillar trim pass/drivers 1.5 pounds total

Driver and passenger side bolsters,  5.75 pounds total

Sun Jan 22 2017

Rear Kicker speakers, hardware, and amp bracket 5.56 pounds total

Rear Seat Belts, hardware, and package shelf cover 11.7 pounds

Mon Jan 23 2017

VES Center Console DVD player 12.25 pounds

Sun Jan 29 2017

Windshield washer reservoir, wiring, tubing, and fluid 10.13 pounds

Saturday April 1st

Front floor mats 6.0 pounds

Monday April 3rd

REAR SEAT BABY! 48.5 pounds!

Sunday April 16th

Door sill emblems (4) (13oz) .8lbs

Sunday April 23

Carpet! 35.50 pounds!

Sunday May 14th

Radio 9lbs

rear door panels 14.25 lbs (7.2 pounds each!)

Monday May 15th

Rear door sound deadner panels 2.0lbs (1lb each)

Monday May 22nd

Headliner and associated tidbits 18.15 lbs

Monday August 15th

Swapped factory battery for Braille lightweight Battery shaving 30lbs

Saturday January 20th (2018)

Removed passenger side padding and under dash kickpad 1lb

Thursday November 15th 2018

Removed front speakers from the doors, 6lbs

Total reduction to date:

230.90 lbs

Total estimated weight (based on NADA curb weight of 4122lbs

As of 1/21/2018: 3891.10 lbs (sans driver)

And the weight reduction continues!

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